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Anyone have any tips on running?


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Last November I made a drastic change in my lifestyle. We had a staff photo taken and I was horrified to see how I had let myself go :( and I was topping the scales at 96 kilos. I started to eat well and exercise more, I even took up running and boy was that hard. My first run was about 50 metres and to say I was knackered was understatement of the year but I stuck with it and by February I had got down to 74 kilos. I have always been a keen cyclist but only when I had the time I now cycle to and from the gym 4 days a week a round trip of 40K and to and from work 6 days a week 40k ( I take the car on saturdays ) and I try and run atleast 10k once a week plus I do a stair run once a week approx 400 steps up and down.

This year I am entering a marathon 40k and was wondering if anyone has any advice on how I should train for it, the longest single run I have done so far is 17k and was planning on doing a 34k run this Saturday which will include some hills both up and down ( the marathon is run on level ground ) should I gradually build up to the marathon distance or keep to short runs ?

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1. Start with half-marathons. Seriously. If you can run 10km you can complete 21km (you're nearly there already). Do several before you contemplate stepping up.

2. Hydrate well. I lose 1kg of fluids in one hour running (say 13km/hour). That's 2kg for a half-marathon. This loss will do you in if you don't replace it during the race.

3. After a tough run rehydrate then take some protein (I like a handful of salted peanuts or a chocolate protein bar). The protein aids muscle recovery.

4. Training schedule - I don't use one. It's too easy to fall of a rigid program. I run up to four times a week when training intensely, anywhere from 6km to 26km at a time. I run when I feel like it and don't worry if I don't run for a week when I've not got a competition looming. The distance depends on how I feel after 4km.

5. Get as much trail running in as you can. Keeps the soul harmonized :) Hill running builds strength. It's too easy to lose enthusiasm when running on roads.

6. Find your natural pace (where you're comfortable & can continue for a long time). Stick to this pace during a race. Mine is around 13km/hour, your's will be different.


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Thanks for the tips but I am committed to the full marathon ( just call me stubborn ) I will take on board the water thing and will probably get myself a camelbak for when I go running on my own. I already take a lot of protein due to my gym work so am all right on that front and the marathon will have drink stations around the course plus I will be taking some carb gel paks cant remember their name ( something like lipids) so hopefully they will help. I hope to run the whole course but if I am unable I will do some walking inbetween ( my reason for the full marathon is that if I do a half and then decide I can do more I will not get noted for it where as I am pretty confident I can run/walk 40k and will get a nice certificate for my first ever marathon just over a year after starting running ) Call me perverse but I actually enjoy running up hills,more so than down them :)

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I jog on weekends. I wake up early in the morning, and run around my neighborhood for 30 min. -1 hour.

I'm usually the only one up, so it's very peaceful. Anyway, since your preparing for a marathon my advice to you is to do the same (at any time of day though) and run as much as you can. Push yourself to run more, and more everyday, but don't hurt yourself. And keep yourself hydrated as Ego Eram Reputo mentioned. I usually carry a water bottle with me. Good luck.

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