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A mist/cloud effect with some depth

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Keep images no larger than 800 pixels tall or wide

I think the problem, Visual, is that even though the tutorial is intended to teach about layers, it is right on the border of being a technique "everyone can learn by fiddling with effects" and/or reading the help file.

~=Things to correct=~

Clarification on the colors in step 1: transparency of the secondary color needs to be set to 0

Magic wand step: click on the empty space with magic wand, then invert the selection

What is "adjust the contrast to get the same effect to the top layer only" supposed to mean?

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Some people don't want others to learn what they already have, so they complain.

Utter tosh <so many swear words smiley>

I only expressed an opinion in that I didn't 'get' the overall outcome of the tutorial - it really should have been in textures IMO - and that I have seen more informative tutorials locked.

It certainly wasn't personal against you but I do take exception to you accusing 'Noob and myself of not wanting others to learn.

If that's how I come across on here, then I may as well knock it on the head

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I actually do take offense at that comment, Visual.

First, I pointed out the image size rule so that you could fix it (by linking to the image) without the moderators coming in to lock it.

Then, said that the negative comments were a result of a hazy line in the forum rules.

Lastly, I pointed out a few errors in the tutorial, not because I wanted to put you down, but because, without those corrections, someone new to paint.net would be completely unable to follow the tutorial.

In no way did I say the tutorial was unworthy to the forum...In fact, upon reading it, I opened up paint.net and explored the technique myself. I was not complaining, I was merely giving suggestions to help you make the tutorial better.

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Noob, it's not about you. You just came late into the game. Please relax, It's just a forum posting.

Stress was desert storm. Most civ's don't know what sacrifice is.

So it's about me

Sad. A bit of critique and you throw your dolls out of the pram.

Edited because I really can't be bothered

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E, I hope you just delete the whole thread. I want to say a few unkind words, but that will impact others that I work with.

I'm disappointed in people who feel the need to write bad things, when others who need some help will get nothing. If you don't think something will help you, then why say anything? Just troll away welsh. You wouldn't say anything that you can write hear in my presence.

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