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Request for plugins

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I have an idea for a couple of plugins that I think would make great additions. I wasn't aware of any location to put requests in. I'm sure the mods will move this to where it will be addressed.

1. A gradient eraser

It would be nice to have an eraser where the outermost part of the circle erases at 0% to 20% to 40% all the way to 100%. How about even reverse the direction. A second part for this would be the ability to use it with shapes eg triangle, square, pyramid and letters.

2. A gradient pencil

It would also be nice to have a gradient pencil. working right to left starting at 100% all the way to a faded edge. A second option would be to start in the center and fade in both directions. A third option would be to have the thickness be able to change from 1 pixels to a thicker opposing end of 10 or more, and the same from the center of 10 pixels or more to 1 on the ends.

I wouldn't know where to bgin on making one myself. I know many of you are very good at developing plugs.

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The Eraser takes notice of the Primary colors transparency setting. This makes it possible to erase with a soft edge. This may not be exactly what you're looking for:

1. Lower Primary color opacity to 2

2. Select the Eraser and erase in circular overlapping movements (like the petals on a flower).

Other options - a custom brush or Alpha masking (Alpha masking would work well with the shapes)

Gradient pencil: The pencil tool works one pixel at a time. I think you mean a gradient line tool? If so, this can be accomplished with the Gradient tool and a wide selection exactly one pixel high. Make the gradient line on its own layer and you can resize and rotate it into position.

Thickening/thinning a line is accomplished by making a gradient filled ellipse and squashing it with the Move tool.

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Your first option may help with pdn. I also have ps. I was looking for something for the community.

I was doing the gradient star/square and reducing it on the horizontal. Alpha masks would do it nicely. Was looking to make it easier for some others.

Great options E. I hope they read it.

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