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Request: Electrical / Communications Symbols Library Plugin?

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Hi, I was wondering if any of the plugin authors had ever created a plugin that had basic electrical and common communications symbols. Basically to be able to select a symbol, and then position cursor and click, thus making creating/modifying jpg's of home or office wiring. Definitely would beat cut and paste method certainly.

I had considered trying to take this on myself, but probably don't know the first place to start.

The ones that I am particularly interest in is receptables, and communications devices.

Attached is an abbreviated version as an example. Also, the vast majority of the most commonly used symbols are at http://img.docstoccd...ig/31803037.png

*edit, I removed the graphic I added as an img, after seeing that the example was an actual electrical drawing from an architect. No offense to the originator. The symbols are standard symbols used in every day electrical drawings/plans.

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If you don't know which symbol is mapped to which character, check out the WhichSymbol+ plugin (link in my signature).

The History buttons would help you recall previously used symbols.

(Hint on symbol placement: The plugin places the symbol in the top left corner of the layer or selection - so make a selection in the area you want the symbol to be placed.)

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