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Local Noise plugin (18th Oct 2012)

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Effects > Noise > Local Noise

This plugin is similar to Effects > Distort > Frosted Glass, but with a bit more control. It modifies each pixel based on the value of one or more pixels within a certain radius. The influential pixels can be restricted to the current selection (compare the bottom left to the bottom right image below) or biased towards closer points (top right).


The parameters are:

Radius - The maximum distance for influential pixels.

Strength - The amount of influence; 50 means the current pixel is blended evenly with the influential pixel(s), 100 means the current pixel value is ignored.

Coverage - the percent chance of a pixel being altered.

Use points - method for choosing influential pixels. "Within radius" picks a point up to that distance away; "within radius and selection" is the same but only uses points inside the current selection; "anywhere in selection" ignores the radius and just picks a point inside the current selection; "anywhere in image" picks any point in the picture.

Number of points to blend - the number of influential points (RGB values are averaged). Higher values give a smoother effect.

Distance bias - higher values increase the likelihood of an influential point being close to the current point. (This number of points is generated and only the closest one is kept, so a value of 1 means the points are evenly distributed - see top right image above). This parameter is only used if use points is set to something that mentions a radius.

Plugin number two!


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I like this! - thank you for sharing. :)

(You got to grips with those random numbers pretty quickly ;))

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