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Logo/ Banner Challenge Discussion thread


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Save the Word file as a PDF and append it to your tutorial ;)

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I am happy to support Daniels if he is willing to step up :D Of course we all miss our dear friend Welshy & I personally thank him for keeping this great comp going despite all else that has been happening with him. 

Totally agree. :)





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My last doings as the host of this competition have been done.  And it was an honour to crown my very good friend BarbieQ' the queen of Challenge # 11


Thanks to all who have supported this competition this past 12 moons.  From the high quality of entries to the people who have taken the time to vote.  It would have all been pretty pointless without you's.


Please continue to support the competition and the new host Daniels (@ least that's who I'm recommending in PM in the next few minutes ...)


Diolch yn Fawr once again.   It's been a blast


... Blue 'Til I Die ...

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Love your entry DrewDale. Hit the brief exactly how I imagined it. 


Gotta say too how much I like your new sig <3

Thank you kindly Barbieq25, It is a great topic for a comp and once I had a word to spell as a plate it all flowed after that ;)

I am pleased with my new sig, credit goes to clipwarp and bevel object and also zoom blur in the making of that one  <3



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Tought it might be a bit different for a comp & give everyone an even chance :D & not feel too daunted at the prospect. There have been some tough ones lately as well. 


I have to say too that that Challenge banner is pretty darned cool too!


Knowledge is no burden to carry.


April Jones, 2012

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