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PaintNet plugin update checking & processing question

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Good Day folks,

It's been a while since I came into the forum and I searched to see if this particular issue / question has been addressed previously and I found nothing that relates to my question, so here it goes. If this is in the wrong forum please feel free to place it in the correct spot.

I have been using PaintNet for a few years now and absolutely love it, does everything I need & want. This is largely due to the excellent plugin's which are available to do all the little extras but this has also caused me some small issues. Plugin's are updated quite regularly and new ones are added while some older ones are discontinued or deprecated altogether. I use several plugin's from various authors and it is quite a chore to cross check each to see if there is a newer version or a replacement.

The Question is: Is there a method or a means to auto-check current plugins against the latest as posted on PaintNet site ?

I have not seen anything that relates to some mechanism which would cross check current plugins with what has been posted by the respective authors. If you use NotePad++ Editor for example, it checks itself and the plugins as installed to see if there is a new version or update available.

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Hey WhiteStar! I'm not sure if there's an "automatic update" feature for plug-ins as the files are installed manually and located in random locations throughout the forums as opposed to a dedicated location such as Web Browser add-ons & extensions. An automatic update option would be a great feature to have though for sure. :D


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I've considered date-stamping the entries in the Plugin Index. However this is an enormous amount of work to maintain :(

The only workaround I can think of is to download any plugin that breaks in PDN and compare the datestamps on the *.dll files.

Personally, I 'refresh' the major plugins and plugin packs approximately twice a year. I started this when I realized I was using an older version of CodeLab. Doing this periodic house-cleaning gives me a good opportunity to cull some lesser used plugins while I'm at it.

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Thanks for the responses... I was away for a bit and could not respond sooner.

@ Rick, I appreciate the amount of effort it would require to implement such a feature/function but as we all know, the amount of plugin's over the years has been ... shall we say, "extensive" ;) Great for Paint Net but a PITA to administer at times LOL.

Hopefully someday, something like this will be available to make it easier to update the plugins, I'm sure everyone will appreciate it, even the plugin developer's.


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