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File Error of some sort?

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I spent four hours working on an image, and when finally done I hit save, and paint.net closed like usual. I went to go open the file, and this is what I get:

Windows is searching for Finished.png. To locate the file yourself, click Browse.

I have no absolute idea what's happened and would love any help I can be given.

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Usually by default (win7 or Vista) your image would be stored in your (username)>Pictures folder. (or in Public>Pictures) On XP (if I can remember that far back) you would find your image in the documents folder (correct me if I am wrong ;) ) The best thing you could do is look through your folders (Documents / Pictures / Downloads etc..) and find the file that way rather than using the "Browse" option. Another option is to type in your search box on your comp the name of the file your looking for. :) then once located, copy / paste / move it to somewhere you can easily find it.

Hope this helps :)





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Does the file load if you reopen Paint.NET and load the file from the File | Open Recent menu?

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