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Images Not Resizing Correctly

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I have been using Paint.NET on my laptop for a really long time, I just installed it on my desktop and I am having a problem with resizing. Every image I resize the image gets all distorted around the edges, high and low resolution images! If I take the same image and resize it on my laptop it looks prefect but if I resize it on my desktop it looks horrible!

For example on the image I attached, I shrunk the Pinterest P I use often, as you can see one looks great (laptop version), the other not so much (desktop)!

Any ideas as to what would cause this?


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If you're using Image | Resize ( Ctrl + R ) to resize the whole image, check the resampling option in the Resize dialog (should be set to Best Quality).

If you're using the Move tool :MoveTool: to resize a selection, check the Quality setting in the Tool Bar when the Move tool is active (should be set to Smooth, not Pixelated).

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I usually use 200 to 400 PPI (pixels per inch) when resizing images as it will maintain resolution when resizing images especially if they are small images being enlarged to bigger ones. It helps prevent the image from becoming pixelated.


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DPI does not affect images until printed. Your monitor is fixed at 96PPI - that's all you can display.

Enlarging a 2x2 pixel image to 16x16 is always going to encounter significant pixelization. Changing the DPI does not affect this.

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