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How to map textures between images?

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I've used paint.net for a year or so now, no arty stuff just mainly messing around splicing pics together. I have never been able to figure out how to do something like the pic below though. I mean I can get in the rough area of it but never quite as good as this. What do you even call this? Morphing? I've searched for tutorials on it but can't find any. I'm sure it's not massively difficult to do but I just can't figure it out! Thanks.


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Hi DrCarrot - Welcome!

How about calling it Texture Mapping? In this case we're mapping a biscuit onto Lionel (and vice versa).

The first place I'd look is at this plugin: http://forums.getpai...-effect-plugin/. This should give you the basic ability to map Lionel's features onto something else.

After that careful blending of the original and texture mapped images is required. This tutorial might give you some ideas: http://forums.getpai...ng-image-heavy/

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