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How would I fade Photo A into Photo B?

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I want to try to fade a couple of photos together. Fading a color from one block to another is fairly straightforward, but doing this with photos appears to be giving me troubles.

Currently, each photo lives in its own layer.

Photo A takes up the Lower Left while Photo B consumes the Upper Right ...and is in a Higher Layer than Photo A.

I add a layer that has a gradient using transparent white as one color and solid white as the other. With this layer, I thought I could select a Blend or reduce the Opacity so that the Lower Left edges of Photo B fade away, allowing the image to look like it is fading into Photo A.

Well, it did not work very well. It looked like bloody potato, in fact. LOL

Could someone tell me how to fade one picture into another?


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set the gradient tool to transparency mode rather than yusing a transparent color-- when you select the gradient tool, in the options bar, where you choose the type of gradient, there will be what looks like a color wheel click pon that and you should get the option to change to traqnsparency mode

other ways-- http://forums.getpai...ng-image-heavy/


those two tutorials will help bunches

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