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SOTW#66 - Topic - 1960's psychedelic art - Winners Announced.


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  1. 1. You may pick Three that catches your eye.

    • [IMG]http://i1049.photobucket.com/albums/s389/Leanne792/sotw66-nn_zps37f7a4e1.png[/IMG]
    • [IMG]http://i1049.photobucket.com/albums/s389/Leanne792/sotw662-barbieq_zps90409b78.png[/IMG]
    • [IMG]http://i1049.photobucket.com/albums/s389/Leanne792/sotw663skullbonz_zpsce2add2e.png[/IMG]
    • [IMG]http://i1049.photobucket.com/albums/s389/Leanne792/sotw664dug_zpsa55ddead.png[/IMG]
    • [IMG]http://i1049.photobucket.com/albums/s389/Leanne792/sotw665penguindolphin_zpsdcfd9423.png[/IMG]
    • [IMG]http://i1049.photobucket.com/albums/s389/Leanne792/sotw666ventor_zps62393544.png[/IMG]
    • [IMG]http://i1049.photobucket.com/albums/s389/Leanne792/sotw667welshblue_zps4c3d499f.png[/IMG]
    • [IMG]http://i1049.photobucket.com/albums/s389/Leanne792/sotw668doughty_zps857ca153.png[/IMG]
    • [IMG]http://i1049.photobucket.com/albums/s389/Leanne792/sotw669nanettealsop_zpsdd7c730b.png[/IMG]

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The theme is: 1960's psychedelic art Chosen by: dug

This Weeks Theme 1960’s psychedelic art. Design and create a sig with the golden era of the swinging 60’s in mind. So dig out your old hippy clothing, clean the dust off your peace signs and take us back in time. ;)

The deadline for this competition is 9:00pm (GMT) on Sunday 14th of October.

To see the current time in GMT (my time), click here (WorldTimeServer.com).

Please take a moment to read the rules below. (If your entry breaks any of them, it will be disqualified and not included in the poll)

The Rules:

1.Max sig dimensions 500x200. NOTE: The forum limits signatures to 500x150, if it is too large do not try to use it as your sig. ;)

2.No crude or offensive language, pics, etcetera.

3. Your entry must follow the set theme.

4. Only one entry per person*, but modifications to your image are allowed* after submitting your entry (*See Amended Rule below)

5.You must post the URLs to any and all stock images used in your sig.

6.Your post should include your sig and links to your source images.

7. Use new, fresh sigs. The idea is to get you to create new things, and if you are just pulling out an old one, you are not doing that. ;)

8. No uploading a place holding sig, then adding a new one later in the week.

The winner of the current SOTW gets to choose the subject for the next competition and can also take part, the more entries, the better the comp. :D

Amended Rule:

To explain rule #4 in more detail:

If there are not enough entries three days before the deadline you may enter more than one sig (please note, this is only if there is less than six entries)

Any amendment to your entry has to be cosmetic only. (Background colour change, resize, font, etc) Please state the reason for your edit. :)

This thread is for posting your entries only.

If you want to talk about one of the entries, you can do so at the discussion thread here..

Good luck to all participants, thanks in advance for entering. :)

Special thanks to: Sozo (since I stole most of his template) :D

chrisco97, Sozo and TheHowler for keeping this comp going in the past. :)





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Seeing as I lived through the 60's I couldn't pass this comp up,lol. Everything in this sig is from a mind that remembers(barely) the 60's,my teenage years. Oh and of course I used a picture of the Beatles and one of Kennedy/Nixon from http://www.landyvisi...ck_69/index.htm. The Hendrix pic came from http://www.topfoto.c...69/default.html,fonts from dafont.com. Nixon got my first presidential vote,lol. Now if I have this new photo bucket figured out right you should be able to see it,lol.


After looking through this thread I discovered I posted the wrong one,the only thing that is different was the fuzzy white line between Kennedy and Nixon to complete the peace sign effect,the first one didn't have it,I had changed it but failed to post the right link,sorry,I'm getting old,lol.

Edited by skullbonz



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Okay folks, once again it is deadline time for the entries and we now go to the voting stage :)

Have had some really groovy sigs here once more. It's really good to see people taking part on here :)

The poll will be open until 9PM on Sunday 21st of October.

Pretty obvious, but any entry below this post will not be added to the poll.





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Okay people, it's that time of the week again when I need my fingers & toes to tally up the votes :D

In first place with 8 votes is - dug :trophy:

Taking joint second place is Ventor1 & doughty With 5 Votes each. :trophy-silver:

Technically there is no third place seeing as we have a tie for second place :)

Well done to the winner, the runner up's and to all who entered, nice to see some fresh faces taking part here (skullbonz & penguin dolphin) Thanks to all who took part, nice to have you all onboard here, a big thanks to all who voted too :)

The SOTW#67 comp will be announced tomorrow (monday 22nd) Stay tuned and let's see more members getting involved with the fun :D

<Please note, as ever, any modifications to the votes will NOT be taking into consideration after this post>





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