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Object2colour: Enables easy recolouring of the opaque object, the translucent edge (Anti-aliased) pixels and the fully transparent background (useful for 'cleaning' the transparency prior to using other effects).

Easier to use than describe!

When a transparent layer is created it is white - but you can't see that!

If you then add an object and alter it with the eraser it is easy to leave coloured (non-white) pixels behind.

This can also happen after using various plugins. It is not normally a problem and can even be useful if you want to get something back which you had previously removed. However it can cause problems if another effect is 'expecting' the transparent background to have a uniform colour.

Some types of blur (not all) will mix the object colour with the transparent background colour, so by giving the transparency a colour, then blurring, then increasing the Alpha value (try my alphathreshold plugin for that), you can get some interesting edge effects.

I think most of the alpha-mask type plugins which read from clipboard work best with a transparent white background. So if you're getting strange results this plugin could help.

It has 'reveal all at A = 255' check-box which may help you to see what is going on.

I tend to make 'drop shadows' by duplicating the object layer colouring black and appling various blurs to it and placing it behind the original object layer. This plugin is a nice quick way to change an objects colour whilst maintaining the edge transparency - (hopefully less important when anti-aliased selections arrive!).

The presets at the bottom will over-ride the other controls.

Found under Effect/Object.

It is in my plugin pack here:

Red ochre plugin pack

I hope the screenshots help.



Red ochre Plugin pack.............. Diabolical Drawings ................Real Paintings



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