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PAINT NET CANNOT edit .txt-files

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.txt is a basic text file format. Paint.net is an image editing program.

If you asked nicely, someone might write a .pcx filetype plugin for you. Rick says someone already made a .pcx plugin

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No, Paint.NET is not spyware...but, installing it is an IQ test. ~BoltBait

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Wow! That's from quite a while back Mozart as PC-Paintbrush is no longer around. I've used Paint back then as the first program I learned to use on MS-DOS long before Windows was around.

Paint.net and PC-Paintbrush are actually 2 completely separate programs with only the nickname "Paint" in common, the rest is all different but I can understand the association as it's one I also had which many people do. Your best option is to go through google and find a "txt-to-pcx converter" which I'm sure is floating around somewhere.

Once in PCX format, you should be able to open it in Paint.net since Rick mentioned there is a PCX plug-in you can add to Paint.net. I'm not sure if it goes in the effects or format folder in Paint.net but hopefully one of the others might know. Good Luck! :D

PCX Plug-In for Paint.Net Thread & Download

edit: updated with link to PCX plug-in

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