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Corrupt file


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I don't know what file format you were trying to save it as but I found this for you:

"Recovery of JPEG/ JPG Files

This type of file contains a photo or a picture. When a JPEG file does not open in any of the default programs such as Paint, Windows Photo Gallery, Fax Viewer, and some others; it is to be considered corrupted. If the file turns corrupt, you are unable to view the picture. You initially need to try retrieving the file by renaming and saving it with a .jpg file extension. If this does not work, the next step would be to take aid of some JPEG image recovery applications. JPEG Recovery and Picture Doctor are some of the applications which can be used in repairing corrupted JPEG files."


Beyone that, I don't have anything more to offer you at this time.

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If your PC crashed during an edit or creation of a picture in paint.net, then sadly your work will have been lost, but if it is like you say a .pdn file then there is no reason why your work can't be restored once you re install paint.net. so all may not be lost :)

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Unfortunately any file including image files that aren't saved 100% in full won't work regardless of what's done to try to restore it. All files are basically bits of information and a corrupted file usually means the information is incomplete or is out of order so the computer propbably won't be able to read or open it properly. :(


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