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The price you paid seems too much IMHO. I'm in New Zealand and regularly buy Kindle books around the same price. The land on my Kindle for around $15NZ. Your bank is overcharging you.

Sorry but the book isn't going to be published as a hard copy.

love it anyway.     shame some folks only see what they want to see i was not complaining about the money!!!!! geeez  kitty kitty

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I can only agree in the strongest terms, Welshy. Maybe coz we are ocean neighbours, but I think EER is entertaining, informative & incredibly patient & kind.


@BBQ - you forgot to say incredibly handsome too :lol: .


How I made Jennifer & Halle in Paint.net

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"Rescuing one animal may not change the world, but for that animal their world is changed forever!" anon.

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Haven't the heart to tell them I stole my author photo from some guy on LinkedIn :lol:

I'm joking of course. Pixey & barbieq25 - you've made my day! Thank you.

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I have the Kindle book on my Wish List at Amazon being a Kindle fan.

Downloaded Paint Net v.4 Beta today.

Already played around enough to know I like it. 

I've deleted Gimp as its menu is too small to read on my Surface Pro 2 (convert from using Mac since early 1990s) but Paint Net's menu is very readable and I love the layout.


Will there be an update to the book for version 4?

Secondly, am I correct in thinking that the present book will work just as well with version 4 as it does now with the present one?



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There will be some minor UI changes in the program when v4 comes out, and some features in the program that aren't discussed in the book, but the bulk of the book will be at least usable until he updates it.


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Amy: But how did it end up in there?
The Doctor: You know fairy tales. A good wizard tricked it.
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"Mastering Paint.NET 3.5.10" had a long gestation and was a difficult birth :(

Originally I wanted to update the book when v4.0 came out. However, as the release date for v4.0 approaches my circumstances have not changed sufficiently to allow me to spend the vast amount of time required to update the book.

It IS on my wish list. But then, so is space travel :D

If it had been a best seller I might have been more motivated to invest a slice of my life in the project.

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You can get a copy directly from me.  Send me your email address in a PM & I'll explain the process.

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I don't read allot on the computer since it makes my eyes wet after a while, (also why I work less on it and things take longer)

and those small IOS/Android phones, I don't have them since i can't read anything of them text too small.


Interesting to know there's someone else around here who is (sorta) where I'm at!


The difference is that I'm beyond the point of wet-eyes.

That was in my past.

At this time, they're way more parched than they're wet. :roll:


I too prefer paper (never owned kindle)

and preferably no more than, say, 40 pages geared to basics such as logo's and posters.

...and, yea, bumper stickers ;)


The majority of the world don't understand us old fogies with sensitivities.

It's why they're not rushing to make Chemical-free, ZeroBacklight LARGE tablets.

Sorta like Fit-PC2 coupled with Larger Pixel-Qi displays (and chemical free)


With all that, I've no doubt the book must be fantastically well-written, given the numerous concisely-informative responses by Scott on these forums!

Edited by minni

I'm most comfortable with Advocates of Transparent RepairCare (vs. Stealthcare) no matter their graphic expertise.


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I got an Amazon account when I ordered my gaming mouse, so I used it to buy a copy. This book is (to quote Sonic) "way past cool". Thanks for writing!



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“If at first you don't succeed, then skydiving definitely isn't for you.”

Steven Wright


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Thank you! I'm very pleased you have enjoyed it so much :D

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No I'm not.

I really would love to do it but the amount of time such a project would demand puts me off.

This first book took nine months of my life :shock: I was notably neglectful of my partner throughout a lot of that time. Especially toward the end :( I'm very proud of the book. Not proud of the way I handled my relationship.

Sales have been.... steady. On a per/hour basis I'd have had a more profitable career begging for small change :lol: I realized this would be the case. I'm realistic.

Mastering Paint.Net was a wonderful learning experience for me. Researching it turbocharged my knowledge of paint.net.

As I said, I'm proud of the book. I'm sure all first time writers feel this way. Perhaps if my life changed significantly there would be time for another book. I'm not sure if such a change would be welcome or not :D

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You can buy a copy direct from me (the author).


I'll send you a PM (Private Message) with the details.


I want to buy it directly from you too. Probably few cents cheaper than Amazon where you have to fork out some commission to them.

Pls PM me too how to go from here...


BTW, I just downloaded version 4 of Paint.net, but your book talks of previous version 3.5 some.

Any issues therein?

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Thanks for the inquiry cashpat. My book will be the same price however you purchase it. If you can use Amazon I recommend doing so.

The ebook is nearly four years old and was written for paint.net 3.5. Many new features have been introduced in paint.net 4, however the core aspects remain consistent between the two. If you know one version you should have no problem applying your knowledge to the other.

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