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Problems trying to learn

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TWO questions: I asked this before but it didn't load. I downloaded the starglow plug-in into Paint.net program, effects folder. I unzipped it first. It showed up as in there on the Programs folder, but when I went to use it in Paint.net, it isn't listed in the Effects. What did I do wrong?

Secondly, I just spent almost an hour making part of a background transparent, including careful detailed erasing. It looked great--unti I saved it and now it's got a white--not transparent background. What can I do to get my transparent background file back--and even joking please don't say do it again!! I've done it twice already.

Thanks, I hope.


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PS BoltBait that's the tutorial you sent me before that didn't work because my computer doesn't ask me where I want to download it, it just says do you want to open or save in downloads. Period. No choice offered.

And then every place you said to "open" and I told ya'll it wouldn't because it kept asking what program I wanted to use, and then someone said you can't open a dll file. So I quit trying.

However, I managed to get the CameraTrousersFlare to the Effects folder and it does show when I go to Paint.net and open a file on the canvas. So I must be doing something right. It's just the StarGlow that won't behave.

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Hi Renee - Yes, this plug-in sits in the Stylize section of the Effects area. It enhances light spots in an image. Below is a' before' and 'after' shot of using starglow.

First upload an image with light spots in it. Then go to" starglow", whilst you are "on" the image layer and play with the settings. I used the slider to play with the size of the glows for the example:

Mini to 193

Maxi to 255

Radius to 21

The rest at default settings

It will be a case of playing with the slider to see the effect. I used a slightly over-the-top setting to see the result.





Happy PDNing :lol:

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