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Is there a quick way to rotate an images 360 times

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so i recently downloaded paint.net that can rotate images in every angle.

so lets say i want to save 360 rotations of these images with a name and at the end of the name a number of angel that it was rotated in.

the problem is on paint.net i need to rotate it 360 times manually and it just takes me forever.

is there some sort of enviroment to rotate images the way i want or some way to do it in paint.net.

i need this because i want to load the 360 images in to a game and thats how i will rotate the images.

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I guess you're doing something like this?

1. Flatten your image to a single layer.

2. Make a duplicate layer.

3. Use one of these plugins to make a rotation of one degree on the second layer. Rotate Zoom+ or Rotation Bilinear.

4. Duplicate the layer you've just rotated.

5. press Ctrl + F to run the plugin again.

6. Go to step 4 and repeat endlessly (359 times).

I bet you get into the 12th loop and decide you don't want single degree rotations, but 6 degree rotations - much faster as there are only 60 rotations :lol:

The only other suggestion I have is that perhaps IrfanView might be helpful here.

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Yeah you're better off adding code to your game to do the rotation on-the-fly. Not sure why you'd want 360 versions of a pre-rotated bitmap ... imagine if Diablo 2 worked that way, it would've been a 5GB download, a prohibitive size for the year 2000.

The Paint.NET Blog: https://blog.getpaint.net/

Donations are always appreciated! https://www.getpaint.net/donate.html


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Old posts are best left alone.  It's unlikely the original poster is still looking for this functionality.



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