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Resize image and create separate background

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Im new with Paint .Net. What i would like to do is get an image which is 4248 x 3163 and resize it to around 250 px - this was done successfully however the next part of this task was to paste this image onto another background and float it to the right. So you know this is supposed to be a logo.

Now should i create another new paint .net page with the size i have in mind and then paste it to the right?

If yes how could i create a nice background that blends into the image? The type of background i have in mind is a few lines with waves flowing left to right and fading away.

I suppose i need to go through some tutorials but unsure what i would search on to begin the above so i would appreciate if someone could point me towards the right direction?


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Yes, you are on the right track. For sure search is going to be your best friend, as will putting everything you can on a new layer. That means too that if you get an effect that your love you can use it again & again.

Maybe take a look at Gradient Blur for the fading or even using the gradient set to transparent? Good luck with it.

DPI + you is essential reading - will save you much tears & frustration. Hope others give you some idea too :)


Knowledge is no burden to carry.


April Jones, 2012

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Hi jamie, it seems as though you are on the right track, once you have shrunk down your logo make a new project at the size required. At the top of paint net you will see you now have two canvases and you can switch between them, copy the logo by using ctrl+c then select the other project and press "add new layer" then press ctrl+v to paste the logo in.

These tuts might be handy.



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hello jamiepattison, welcome to the forum.

You don't have to copy your picture to a new image.

Just add a new layer and make your background on that layer.

then move it below the picture you already made and blend them together

as you like.

also it is recommended that you create the logo in the LARGE size and only then down size it.

this would keep the logo sharp and with more details then if you 1st reduce it size.

last thing before you create the background layer , you should enlarge the PDN canvas to the "right side"

by the amount needed to move your image to the right as you wanted.

for example enlarge the canvas to the right and make it 8496x 3163, this would enable you to move

ALL width of the image (4248)

to change the canvas size use Ctrl+Shift+R

then select "By absolute size "

uncheck aspect ratio if needed.

enter width 8496

select Anchor Left (since your want to enlarge to the right side)

and press OK.

you can find many tutorials that would help you learn and use paint.net

and its features/effects , under the Tutorials section of the forum ( the link Below)


if you have more questions just ask here.



Wow when i started the answer there were 0 views and 0 answers.

when i was done writing the post and posted , it had 3 answers

I'm old and slow ;-)


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