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Problem Acquiring Images: Only first 12 Scans show up

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I am using paint.net v3.5.10 on Win7 64 bit.

I can acquire images (File > Acquire > From Scanner or Camera ..) just fine from my Canon MP470 scanner via USB.

So what's the problem you say?

After scanning in 10 or 12 images, paint.net stops loading the scanned images for image 13, 14, 15 etc.. These scanned images just don't show up in the list of open files. It still goes through the scanning process for image 13,14,15 etc., but what I'm left with is just images 1 to 12.

I've scanned in 15 or 20 images at a time only to look at the image list in the paint.net toolbar to find images #13-#20 missing. Where did they go? I can try to scan images again, but they still won't show up after being scanned.

To get around the problem I have to close all of the open images (images 1 to 12) then rescan images 13 onward.

It seems paint.net can only hold about 12 images at a time. There are no error messages saying the scan failed. Just the contrary. It appears the 13th+ scan worked but I end up with no scanned image.

I am using Win 7 with 8gb RAM.

What's going on?


Mad Painter

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I'll go ahead and move this thread over to the Troubleshooting section for ya.

But to try and answer your question but not really ... I don't know. I've never heard of this :(

The Paint.NET Blog: https://blog.getpaint.net/

Donations are always appreciated! https://www.getpaint.net/donate.html


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It seems paint.net can only hold about 12 images at a time.

This reply isn't going to get you anywhere as I do not know what's causing your issue, but I too am using Windows7 w/8MB of RAM and I am using 3.5.10 as well, and I have no problem opening up 20+ images. So Paint.net does not have such a restriction.

EDIT: Try searching Canon MP470 Windows 7 Scanning Problem. I found some comments regarding communications issues w/the provided USB cable. I noted several responses indicating such things as "you must buy a DS (double shielded) USB printer cable about 1.8 m in length" or similar. I don't know that this is necessarily your resolution, but a possibility.

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Thanks for the reply. If Paint.net couldn't import anything from the scanner, or if it failed randomly (within pages 1 to 12) then I'd definitely replace the cable. But since it scans pages 1 to 12 just fine and the problem only occurs after scanning 12 images, it looks to me like a Paint.net problem. Especially since there were no communication errors reported at all, it is unlikely a hardware error. If I close the open files and scan again, the scanning works. Defintely looks like a Paint.Net problem.

BTW, I'm using Win7 64 bit.

Mad Painter

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