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professional's help needed

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Hello mofeghi, welcome

This is tricky. You may get decent results using the collage plugin (link below).


create a folder with various pictures of the chosen words - with varying overall tones.

Run the plugin at different maximum sizes (and angled box unchecked), then mix together the various collages produced.

There may well be better soloutions though - good luck!

Here's my (very quick) attempt.


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Well it can be done in Paint.Net, I have done something like this long time ago,

but sadly i don't have/remember where i have placed the PDN.

However i can give you the general idea of what i did and you can pick it up from there.

1. create a number of pictures with the text you want in different font sizes. i have make the all white on black.

(but you can do with colors too and also transparent background)

2. load your B/W image to PDN.

3. create Empty layer and then load the 1st text picture (smallest size)

4. select ALL the text picture and copy to clip board.

5. go back to the PDN with the Empty layer and use the effect "Fill from clipboard" to fill the layer.

6. create and new empty layer and fill it with the next text size.

7. repeat step 6 untill you can layers with all the text sizes.

8. go back to the original image (background) duplicate it few times.

9. choose one of those layers and with the selection tools make a "mask layer" filled with black

around the image to create the text init.

10. create an invert mask layer too.

11. now is a good time to save the pdn file ;-)

12. after you have the invert mask select it , then go down/up the layers and delete the image outside the mask

using "Delete key" (excluding the original background and normal mask)

13. now you are left a number of layers with different text sizes , in and inside the shape of your original picture.

now its starts to get complicated (and easy once you get it.)

14. hide all layers

15. unhide the layer with the smallest text. and one of the copied picture to fill layers.

16 use bland layers using xor/ other / or select the areas you want the small test to be

then just invert erase the unneeded parts from both layers and merge the layers

17. hide the resulted layer

18. do the same with the other layers.

those steps take time , and you better make a copy of the text layers so you can reuse them.

19. after you finish you can unhide al the resulted layers and trim them to make then

as you want. ie. colors text not over the other etc..

20. combine the layers to one layer.

I hope you understood / able to pickup the idea.

my english is not well and memory also ;-)

so I might of been missing something, but the general idea is there.

you can combine the layers with colors/transparency and other effect too..

let me/us know how it came out.


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