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how do I make black and white clip art see thru

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I'm a complete newbie and I'm trying to design some T-shirts using public domain clip art of old woodcuts and pen and ink illustrations. I want to have them printed by an online site. The trouble I'm having is making the image transparent so that the black line art is solid but the color of the t-shirt shows through. the illustrations are so intricate it is impossible to use the magic wand or erase the white area within the illustration. Is there a simple way to do what I want to do? Any help will be very appreciated.Thanks.

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Hello magicrobot, welcome!

I'd recommend you install the 'grim color reaper ' plugin to turn the white transparent.

Don't forget to save as a .png file (for transparency).

look in the plugin index to find it http://forums.getpai...0-plugin-index/

If you're trying to extract from a coloured background, I have a plugin called 'recolour choice' that my help.(link in sig.)

Mind you, I'd be surprised if a teeshirt printing company would try to print white on white?


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You can try to adjust the hue/saturation/contrast levels in the "adjustments" tab to better isolate the background colors then try "Magic Wand" with flood mode set to "global" and a little tweaking of the % adjustment so it chooses all the same colors.


I usually hold down the "CTRL" to add to selection, or "ALT" to remove from selection, while using magic wand as it's a fast way to select areas. If it's easier, you can just post the image here and ask someone for assistance also. :D


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on black and white clip art i would be going with Adjustments/Black And Alpha

That's a plugin which can be found here: Black and Alpha+

I'd also consider the isolate lineart plugin which does much the same thing - Isolate Lineart

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Hi everyone,

thanks for the advice. I'm new to digital art. As an old school traditional artist I get a bit lost at times. I went with the isolate lineart plug in first and it worked perfectly. I'll have to investigate all the plug ins for paint.net as I go. There's just so much to this stuff :) but its amazing!

again, thank you all. Its easy to see there is a helpfull community here

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