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{Plugin Request} - Loop sides when using brush

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I do a lot of tiling texture work for my job, and I thought how much it would speed up my work if I had a plugin that takes input from a side of a texture, and places it on the opposite side.

Say if I'm making a line, and I just keep drawing until my cursor is out of the area. Normally, it wouldn't do anything, but with this plugin it would act like there are copies of it and move the strokes to the opposite side.

Also, please make it toggle-able.



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There is a similar effect. It's not the same thing: This plugin, called 'Panelling', will pan the image, and if it goes over the boundaries, it will swap to the other side, like you describe. For the thing you want to do, you'll have to draw the complete design in the center of the canvas and then panel it over to a side.


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