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Layering issues

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By using MS paint, I was able to crop out the capital T. Then since I used the same color background as on the image I was copying, I put it on a new layer. Layer 2. Nothing. Just a neat square with a solid color and marked out by dotted lines. So I tried once more, Layer 3 and then viola the letter that I'd pasted showed up! But not on the big canvas, just on the little layer 3.

WHY oh why, won't it paste onto layer two and show up against the background???

I'm stumped. If you will please tell what a PDN document is so that I can paste the screenshot into it and then tell me how to post it, I will try. You know some of us can sing and some of us can dance and some of us can write, but not all of us can do any of those nor can we do graphics and Image programs!


PS. I really liked the old XP paint program. I could work that.

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Layer two might be set to not visible. Check that there is a tick in the checkbox next to the layer name in the Layers Window.

The sizing issue is because the two images (source and destination) are of dissimilar size. If you view each at 100% you will see the size discrepancy. From your description the source image is smaller than the canvas you're pasting it onto.

Think of it like this: If you own a large garage and have a large car the two probably fit together nicely. If you trade in you big car for a scooter then it looks small when parked in the large space. You're doing the same thing with your images.

There is no such thing as a PDN document. To upload a screenshot you need save it as a JPG or PNG image. Then upload that to your image hosting site (e.g. Photobucket) and post the link here. Full instructions are found here:

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