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Still can't get background to be transparent. Please help.

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I'm brand spanking new to Paint.net. I've followed many different tutorials to make the background of my image transparent and I'm still doing something wrong. It's just a fancy black "frame" that I need to insert in a Word doc. without the white background showing up. When I open it in Paint.net I don't see the white backgound. I see the checkerboard. But it's still there when I put it in Word.

What am I doing wrong?

Thanks for your help...and patience with a newbie!

Image attached for reference.


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If you want it in word then do the following

1. import the picture to word.

2. select the picture and use the "warp text" option to "Behind Text"

this would allow you to write your text over the picture (and inside your frame)

(also you can use the option to "send Backwards" it would be moved behind text and other pictures)

3. when i imported the picture to my word is was transparent but if you want

to make it transparent, select the picture , from the "picture tools menu" select "Transparent color"

you would get a "pick color cursor" select the white background and it would be transparent.

the solution is not in Paint.Net but in Word....



I use word 2010

"DDAP=Don't Drink And Post!" :-)

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