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This is a slightly cooler version of It's capable of Tint-Splitter stuff too, but I'm keeping it separate because I want to do different stuff with that plugin.

The basic gist of the plugin is that it'll split a piece into two sections, both of which can be colored by a repeating colored gradient of your choice. At its maximum setting it's a repeating rainbow gradient, while at smaller settings it can be, say, a repeating red/purple/blue gradient. Since it uses Tint-Splitter technology, the rainbows flow seamlessly together and gray/black/white areas are ignored.

Let's start with the menu.


Shift Type: There are six settings that determine which parts of the image are shifted. This is equivalent to the "Shift" of the Tint-Splitter plugin, with the difference that the colors stay the same between shifts (I plan to fix that for v1.1 of tint-splitter as well)

Dominant and Secondary: These settings are exactly the same, they just adjust different parts of the image. If you want to preview what you're doing, you can make an image be solid #0000ff or something and then the dominant settings will affect everything if you're at Shift type 0. Anyway, let's review the different settings:

Pan: If Size is set to 0 (default), this determines the color of the section. It's equivalent to Tint-Splitter's "Hue" setting. If Size is greater than 0, it determines the position of the repeating gradient.

Size: This determines the size of the gradient. At 0, the section is all one hue. At 360, it's a rainbow that goes through all hues and then repeats back on itself. If you want only one section of the rainbow, you can use this to shift the amount that's seen, for example if you only want green-cyan-blue you pull it down to a lower level.

Hue: This determines the actual hue of the repeating gradient. So you can shift a red/purple/blue/purple/red into a green/cyan/blue/cyan/green.

Horizontal: This adjusts the position of the gradient. If this isn't checked, it's vertical, otherwise it's horizontal. Should be self-explanatory.

Let's see some examples!


Seed Image


Default (Also default for Tint-Splitter)


Pulled Dominant Size up to 105.


Made Dominant Horizontal


Pulled Secondary Size up to 222


Adjusted the Secondary Hue


Unrelated the above examples; default settings but both are set to Size: 360 and Dominant is Horizontal.


Same as above, but changed the Shift Type to 2. Notice how the colors are the same but they're coloring different parts of the piece.

Actual Plugin:

Rainbow-Splitter v1.0.zip


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