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Color problem when copying from one picture to another

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I'm new to Paint.net and just started using it a couple days ago. First I'd like to say that this is an amazing powerful program with awesome features! I've been experimenting editing and modifying pictures and I'm very impressed with all the things that can be done on this FREE program.

One thing I've been doing is creating new pictures by combining bits and pieces of different images to make a new creation. For example, copying a face or head from one picture and putting on a different body in a different picture. But the one quirk I've run into is that when I select and copy from one picture, and past it to a different one, it keeps the blue shade as if it were still selected even after de-selecting it. So I'm having people's faces look like smurfs. I can kind of get it to look almost normal by messing with the hue, saturation, and curves. But it takes a long time to tweak it in, and still doesn't look quite natural.

This only happens when going from one image to another. But when copying and pasting within the same image, the colors remain normal. So I'm wondering if there's any way around this issue? Is copying from one image to another something this program is capable of doing while still maintaining true colors, or am I trying to do something the program isn't made to do?


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I know you said you de-selected the image, but just to make sure, try again and press esc when you are done. If that doesn't do it, post a screenshot (with the faces blurred out if privacy is a concern) and we'll see what we can do to help...

EDIT: I would have switched to GIMP long ago if I had this problem. The program shouldn't change anything about the colors when you copy and past to another image.

EDIT 2: Also, try simply pasting into a blank image and see if the colors are messed up still.

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I suspect you're either not deselecting on the destination canvas (as pdnnoob said), or possibly making a screenshot which includes the blue selection filter?

The blue filter is only active with one of the Selection Tools. If you activate another tool, the blue filter will be removed leaving only the selection outline. This might provide a workaround - but I suspect that there is a more fundamental problem with how you're copying from one image to another.

What is your step-by-step method of copying? If you can detail the actual steps you're using perhaps we can spot the problem.

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Is copying from one image to another something this program is capable of doing while still maintaining true colors, or am I trying to do something the program isn't made to do?

I agree w/pdnnoob.

The issue as you describe it clearly indicates that you haven't de-selected - but the direct answer to your question is of course you can copy and paste from one to another and maintain the original colors - you can see this to be true if you peruse through some of the tutorials on the forum. The alternative to the button as pdnnoob pointed out is to press the escape key. You can also just click on the open area outside of the actual canvas to de-select.


EER makes a good point. If you're selecting the picture you wish to copy and then pressing the "Prt Scrn" key, you are essentially doing a screen capture. The proper method would be select the image and then to press "Ctrl" = "C" (C=copy. Then return to the canvas where you wish to paste your selection and simply press "Ctrl" + "V". After it's been pasted, deselect using one of the methods described above.

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