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Florida, Photos, Camera, Oh my! :O

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Well, I managed to get a decent camera for only like $200. While I was in florida over winter break I took some pictures. Whatta you think?

http://smg.photobucket.com/albums/v312/ ... 0/Florida/

Was thinking of using the sunrises for something interesting... ideas welcome! :)

For whoever's interested, the camera is a Cannon PowerShot A540, 6.0 Mega Pixels.

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Nice pics! I wish I had a nice camera like that.

Oh and I'm sorry you had to spend you winter break in Florida. And the Disney parks arent even worth the traffic and lines to get in them. I wish I was back in good ol Texas :(


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Ive been to Texas once. Traveled from Florida, too. BIG LONG ROADS UNTIL YOU REACH WAL-MART (at least where I was).

Disney isn't really that great. If you want some real entertainment, go to Islands of Adventure in Universal Studios. Another is Bush Gardens. A better one is Cypress Gardens (41 rides, 12 thrill rides, 10 good ones including 5 roller coasters). Wild Adventures is another branch of it. I have no info on that. Wet'n Wild is great (named the 4th best water park in America).

Silver Springs is pretty famous (yet it isn't). There were 8 movies that took place there (including one of the Indiana Jones movies). The water is so pure, the USDA has said that it is 99.8% pure! 350 acres of dining, rivers, natural springs, animals, attractions, and shops. It also holds the largest Ford car show in America (as a coincidence, it will be taking place tomorrow and the next day). Conveniently close to Cypress Gardens.

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*raises eyebrow* pretty for a while...then BAM! Disgusting :P

Yes those are some good photos :)

Hmm...speaking of photos, one of my favorite finds was this:

Also, pulling my camera out in about the shutter speed of the camera was am amazing feat for me :D:P


Looks like to doctors got hungry


Do not click!

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