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Version 4

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I know, I know...it might be the wrong place and the wrong time to ask about version 4 however, is there any progress, news, betas, alphas ???

Can´t complain much, the software is free, but I need to know what is happening or I have to move on..Thanks

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If you're looking for a release date, I don't think there is one specifically.

Remember, there is only 1 individual who is the developer (Rick Brewster), so a release isn't going to be as quickly as if there were a team of individuals working on different aspects of it.

Rick also has a blog here that may help to keep you informed:


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Thanks.....that what I thought.

Anyways, get to bite the bullet and buy Photoshop

In my opinion, photoshop is over rated, PDN can match it in many areas, you just need to think outside of the "comfort" box, grab some of the plug ins available here and explore it's potential. I had photoshop CS5ex installed before but now I no longer feel the need to use it (actually I no longer have it on my PC) This is the best image editor / creator I have ever used for a number of reasons;

1 - Ease of use (the effects and adjustments are easier to locate and execute)

2 - The sheer amount of plug ins (all free) surpass Photoshop (it can even use some photoshop plug ins)

3 - A far more helpful and friendlier forum. (run by users for users)

4 - It's free (the developer and plug in authors give their own time up to deliver a top quality program)

I am sure you have your reason to pay a lot of money for a program, your opinion is valued on here ;) but patience is always rewarded V4 promises so much more, but even before that, 3.5.10 is still the biz for me (and many other users) :)

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Like nitenurse said, photoshop...bleh

I have photoshop cs5 myself, but I find it to be rather unnecessary. In fact, all I use it for is brushes (which will be added in paint.net v4), pen tablet support (will be added later in v4) and free transform (pyrochild is currently working on a plugin for that). Pretty soon, I won't even need photoshop for anything anymore!

I can do everything else in paint.net without a problem. In fact, when I am using photoshop, I usually find myself wishing it had some feature from paint.net.

I'm just saying it's rather difficult for photoshop to compete against an arsenal of over 300 plugins...

No, Paint.NET is not spyware...but, installing it is an IQ test. ~BoltBait

Blend modes are like the filling in your sandwich. It's the filling that can change your experience of the sandwich. ~Ego Eram Reputo

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I'm working mostly with photos and image manipulations and I have used PhotoShop since its 1st version up to CS5 ,

since i worked where such software was installed and used.

However at home i bought (on sale) the OLD ver 6. and used it until i found Paint.Net.

Since I found Paint.Net I started to use it together with PS6 and GIMP (on my linux box) , but slowly

I moved to do most of my work with Paint.Net.

as people said above , It does 90% of what i need with less memory and less overload of PS6.

and it has an array of plugins that can do almost everything.

I only use my old PS6 now when i need to use some advanced multi layer effects something that

Paint.Net still don't have yet ;-)

I have many friends that moved to Paint.Net, for their private work at home, saving the need to buy

software , and they do great work with it.

Paint.Net does 90% (somtime more) for 90% of the people who needs such software.

Also its very user friendly and takes short time to learn.



Ver 4.x would bring it to 98% of what other software can do.

which for most people is 150% more of what they need any way ;-)

"DDAP=Don't Drink And Post!" :-)

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