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UPDATE: New signature made for myself on a promotion forum.


That looks like it's just two fonts. actually, it definitely is - the M's are the same, as are the o's and e's from the other font.

Perhaps use alpha mask to create a brushed metal effect? (Add a new layer behind it, make it white, add noise at intensity:100, color:0, and coverage:100, then motion blur it with the distance at 30, then motion blur it at an angle 90* different from what you started with, at a distance of 10 - 30. Go back to the text layer, ctrl+a, ctrl+c, then ctrl+d, back to the metal texture, and alpha mask. Or use the magic wand tool around the text, ctrl+i, then cut the metal texture - but that's more pixely. You can then use the same method to add a chrome texture, with a linear gradient. All credits going to Adel, and his tutorial)

UPDATE: This is a Facebook timeline cover I made for myself, just because it's true. It's simple, but I love it <3


Please give me your feedback :D

Good idea - but it still looks like a couple of images from the web with text slapped on. It is a nice composition, if not for the blurry background.

Update: New signature! <3


Looks, again, like a composition with text slapped on. Although, the phone looks like a .PNG, and the shadow looks like it might have been your own addition - but I can't tell.

You've got creativity - give some tutorials a shot, it feels better to create all of something on your own.

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