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Which 3D rendering software?


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Okay, ill cut to the chase here:


Anyone know the software that will allow me to render this?

(This being the white blobbyness) (Not the 3D R)

(Not stuff like Maya and Cinema 4D, i know there's an easier way of doing this, i just don't know what it is, maybe some sort of fractal rendering software)

Cant find an example but allot of Photoshop users seem to just magically create 3D crazy fractals and place (quite simple) text over them and get all the attention :/

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At a guess I would say blender with V-ray plug-in.

O.O <3

blender ftw.

To be honest, I doubt any normal 3D rendering software will have the capability to create realistic lighting effects for a thing like that. You would need something with heavy-duty ray tracing abilities (hence C4D being the first program to come to mind). However, you don't need to pay fist-fulls of money to get something like that. Just find a 3D sculpting program compatible with POV and you'll be all set! :)

EDIT: of course, with time and patience and a tiny bit of knowledge of how reflections work, you can do it in paint.net too :D

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