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How to blend

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If you dont know how to blur this is how to do it.

First make what you want to blur (two colors, a part of a picture)

Then lasso select where you want to blur, if you want to blur two colors select out side of the spot you want to blur by about the width of what your bluring

Then select gaussian blur,the just click out side your lasso and youve blured.

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Please read these Tutorial Posting Guidelines. I'll quote the relevant parts:


4. Always use search before writing tutorials, to see if it has been done before. (Forum search or Google Custom Search)

5. Don't write tutorials on something everyone can learn by reading the help file.

-5a. Don't write tutorials on something everyone can learn by fiddling with effects. If it just takes a couple clicks, don't post it.

6. Please don't be in a rush to write tutorials. As a rule of thumb, if you have very few posts (i.e. only a few dozen), think twice before posting a tutorial. As BoltBait famously wrote, "Noobs should be reading tutorials, not writing them." Stick around and learn more before trying to teach; Paint.NET is far more powerful than you think! Start posting your work in the Pictorium, and if your work really wows us, many users will ask you for a tutorial.

-6a. Keep in mind, even if you're not a newbie with Paint.NET but are a newbie to this forum, this rule still applies. As a newbie to the forum, you don't know what's new, what's old, what's been done to death, and what we'll make fun of. Stick around a little bit, learn about how this forum works, and then you might have people asking for a tut.


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