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looking for plugin I remember-- stupid question

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okay, so a few years back paint.net was one of the few graphics programs my computer would run. I had a lot of plugins I was very fond of and lost them when that computer's power supply went out and took out the hard drive.

one of them was-- not like a cheesy/tacky effect, sometimes it didn't work well but usually it was fairly subtle if I recall correctly-- a plugin to take the palette of one image and somehow apply it to whatever was being worked on at the time.

I can't remember what it was called and can't think of a good way to describe it. I've been looking through the plugins section for it and can't find it. if anybody else can remember the name of it and tell me if it is still around and works with the current version of pdn I'd really appreciate it. hell, if anyone else can just remember it I'd appreciate knowing I'm not just losing my mind!

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