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Object inverting two colors

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In your example, it seems relatively easy:

a.) Create a green background

b.) Draw a filled in black circle in the middle


c.) Select half the image and crop to selection


d.) Expand Canvas

e.) Duplicate layer

f.) Flip Layer Vertical

g.) Invert Colors


h) Repaint bottom in reverse color


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If one of the colors is always black, make the background, then add a new layer with layer blend mode set to xor and draw the object in the non-black color. I'll have a screenshot in a moment...

EDIT: screenshot


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make the back ground- make two new layers.. on the top layer use render--plygone/stars set to 100 vetices and the size you want. use majic wand to select the insdie of this circle, select the background layer and hit Ctrl-C to copy, the n go to middle layer and hit Ctrl-V to paste it-- delete circle layer and rotate/zoom your second layer to hearts content


if you need to define the circle use outline object

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