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Layers, layering and opacity (formerly: just a ?)

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i am new to this and am having troubles...i am working with two different layers and i moved one and the image went behind the other image so i stopped moving it. how do i get the image in the back to the front? how do i make it to where both are showing (kind of blend together i guess)?

Thank you for any help and sorry for the inconvience

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The layers are working this way: Top one has priority and bottom one has no priority.

That means that the first layer (top one in the list) in the layer window will be the one over every other layers. The bottom one is the one that is under everything, so it cannot hide anything on any other layer.

Say you have a pile of sheets... 3 sheets. Each sheet is a layer. If you take the top sheet with a smiley on it and put it under the 2 others, you won't see your smiley anymore. That's exactly how layer works. If you want to see "through" a layer, you need transparency.

If you want to make a blend effect, just take the layer you moved down and move it over everything. Then select it and hit this icon there :LayerProperties: , at the bottom right of the layer window. From there you can modify (the little drop-down box) the "Blending mode", and it will create an effect depending on what is under it. This is a very basic effect with no settings, so you may want to learn a little more about other types of blending like picture-specific blending, that won't take the colors of the other layers to create the blending.

Hope this helped!


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Hi creativepanda - welcome to the forum!

It's just as qwertyuu has explained. The layers form a stack, just like a stack of clear acetate sheets. When viewed from 'above', the stack of layers makes up the whole image. The process of making up the final image from the stack of layers is called compositing. Layers higher in the stack (towards the top in the Layers Window) which have opaque regions will hide the contents of lower layers.

In order to change the order of the layers, you need to move a layer up or down the stack (aka layers window). Click on a layer to make it active then click on one of the blue arrows :MoveLayerDown: or :MoveLayerUp: at the foot of the Layers Window to shift the layer up or down the stack.

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