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Save as other format metadata problems

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Obviously, some file types have incompatible metadata or no metadata at all, but this is not the issue raised here.

When saving a TIFF as JPG, or even a TIFF as TIFF (under a different file name), some of the compatible metadata created in Windows Explorer properties is transferred incorrectly.

Title: No longer Unicode (full of ????? where not ASCII).

Subject: OK (preserved in Unicode)

Rating: Lost.

Tags: OK (preserved in Unicode)

Comments: Lost

Authors: OK (preserved in Unicode)

Date Taken: Lost

Date Acquired: Lost

Copyright: OK (preserved in Unicode)

It would be worthwhile to review other file types for this sort of problem.

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Kiwi Mate!

TIFF is kind of the red-headed step child of image formats. There's honestly no compelling reason to use it except for multi-page faxes, and Paint.NET only supports it in a "good faith effort" kind of way.

If you can switch to PNG, your life will be much easier.

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