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Copy and Paste Multiple Layers Exactly

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I'm trying to build a sprite image for a website based on a graphic that I created with Paint.NET.

The graphic has about 6 different layers.

To make the sprite image, I need the items in one layer to be duplicated in the exact same spots only shifted down by an integral number of the height. So, if the original image is 400px, I stretch the canvas out to 1200px. Now I want to copy each of the 6 layers and paste them exactly 400px down, then copy each of the 6 layers and paste them exactly 800px down.

I'm guessing there is a way to do something like this using the scripting ability of Paint.NET, but I have never used that feature before.

Could one of you guys who is really good with this tool guide me through how to do this?


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To shift by a set amount, try the panelling plugin: Found Here

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