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New Simple But Powerful Distort Program Help

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Hello everyone,

I was wandering if someone is interested in making a different distort prospective program.

I looked at the new and old distort image upgrades for Paint.net but they are not quiet

that handy when you are workign on making everything on an image as alligned as possible.

I discovered a new way of doing it (not with Paint.net), but since I'm not a programer and

sincerely I just am really bad at it, I was wandering if anyone would be inetersted in it.

I did this using 3Ds Max, and I'm sure that it can be made in a small amount of time.

I would explain it, but it would take an awful amount of time to try and explain it as clearly

as possible, so if you guys are interested, please contact me at <email address removed by EER> I will give you my skype info and we can talk about it.

Best Regards,


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Hi there H1SWarrior. Welcome to the forum.

As you are well aware this is the PAINT.NET FORUM. It is not the place to recruit followers/programmers/artists or designers. We have a rule specifically about this Forum Rules - check out #23.

In other words - please DO NOT.

I've also removed your email address from your post. Publically posting your email address in an open forum is going to give the spammers easy access to you. Instead members of this forum can PM (Private Message) you if they wish to get in touch personally.

On a differnet tack - many plugins have been created for Paint.NET for the purpose of distorting images. If you can give us an example of what you're trying to achieve we may be able to point you in the right direction.

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Sorry about that. There is this technique of distorting an image that lets you decide with absolute precision what you want distorted.

Basically I'm looking for something like this; where the upgrade allows you to set how many lines (horizontally and vertically) for your grid, and then every time they intersect they create a vertex where you can move it causing that part of the image to change.

This is a bad example, but look at the photo and you will see that the first one has no vertex that is moved, while the other one has several vertices that are moved causing ONLY that area to change.



Image came from : http://us-machine.com/images/machines/vending-machine_10.jpg

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Hello H1SWarrior,

Have you investigated the 'liquify' plugin by pyrochild?

I would think this does more or less what you want. (But I could have completely mis-understood!).

If you duplicate your layer, then add a grid to the top layer (with the grid plugin),

then distort it using liquify, you can then save the 'mesh' created and run it on the lower layer (without the guide grid).

Or apply the mesh to another image.


Red ochre Plugin pack.............. Diabolical Drawings ................Real Paintings



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There are a couple of plugins you should have a look at:

Power Stretch



The latter is particulary noteworthy as it can use Photoshop's mesh files.

Edit: Beaten by Red Ochre..

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I'm surprised as they are both excellent distortion plugins. Can you explain how they do not 'work well' for you?

I'm not trying to wind you up - I'm trying to find out what you're trying to achieve so we can help.

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All of what you have shown in the video can be done with Paint.NET using the Move tool, but there are also mnay other options: Bulge, Point Warp, Liquify, Power Stretch, Quadrilateral Reshape and many more of the distort tools & plugins are available.

To be honest I think I could do most of what you've shown with just the move tool :MoveTool: . E.g. try making a selection, press M (selects the Move tool) then dragging one of the eight control nubs. It's as easy as that.

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