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Sun faded effect

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Hi I'm only new to paint.net, I have created some images but I would like to make them look like they have faded in the sun rather than looking sharp and new. I've tried doing some searches of the forum but have been unable to find anything, but I'm also uncertain of the exact technical term I should be using.

Can anyone point me in the right direction on how to do this?

Thanks in Advance



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I would suggest the following (if I understand your question correctly with regard to faded in the sun and not sharp):

1. Make your primary color yellow.

2. Set the Alpha Transparency of your secondary color to zero - by clicking more in your color pallet, you will see the transparency slider at the bottom.

3. in a New layer above your image layer apply a Linear Gradient.

I hope this helps


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Alternative: Adjustments | Curves

Set the mode to Luminosity.

Drag the right hand end of the diagonal line downwards (use the control nub that is up against the right hand frame). That will lighten the darker colors making the image appear 'bleached'.

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