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Repairing Error + Install Error

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Hi pogo4545 - welcome to the forum!

As you have found, deleting files without knowing the value of them is always a bad idea!

Q have you read through (and tried) the steps listed here?

You should also have a read of these threads - generally the solution sees to be the same one that is listed in the above thread.

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Pogo, it would've been preferable that you didn't change your original post other than maybe make grammatical/spelling corrections. If somebody responds to your question and you resolved your issue, a new post would've been better - or at a minimum add something like "EDIT: Problem Solved" after your original post.

Some folks come in here and do a search throughout the forum to try to resolve similar issues that they're having before making an inquiry and since you've wiped out your original post, it will be of little to no help to anybody in the future.

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