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Can't Find Installed Shaped Gradient Plugin?

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Hello there,

I downloaded and installed the Shaped Gradient Plugin from here:


Installed in the Effects folder as per usual.

When I restarted PDN (several times) and I just can't seem to find where the plugin is.

I have been through the Effects and submenus with a fine tooth comb each time but it's not there....

Should I be looking elsewhere?

Or do you have any suggestions?

Using Paint.NET v3.5.10 (Final Release build 3.510.4297.28964)

Appreciate your help...



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Is the .dll version the same as below? - I think there are various versions in the download thread.

If it's showing up in your effects folder it should be there under effects/selection, if not I can't think why?


The version I've got is 1.3 - seems to work ok for me - I think some of the other versions (or the download) might have issues? (no offense meant nd - very clever plugin).


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I seem to remember that version 1.3 was the only one I had much success with, so I'd give that one a go - the link is somewhere in that thread.

I would probably delete (or move) the 1.5 version.

Good luck!

Found and installed version 1.3 and still no luck....


Just to check....upon firing up PDN and selecting Effects > Selections ....you are saying that Shapedgradient should appear as one of the options...is that correct?



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It's definitely in my effects folder....

No it's not. See the last three replies in the Shaped Gradient thread.

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