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How do I preserve the Opacity/Transparency when Merging Layers.

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So, as it says; I'm unable to preserve the apperance of my image as the Layers get Merged.

I have an Object which I intend to slap onto a background, I want the Object to be Faded from one side to the other with 1/4 Solid to the Left and the remaing 3/4 fading out to about 120-140 Opacity in the furthest Right Part.

I've failed to achive this when I use the Rectangle Selction to; select, copy, delete, make new layer, paste.

Repeating that process across the the 3/4 and then changing the Opacity Value of each layer in order to create a Fade effect.

Now here's the issue, when I try to merge the Layers the individual "Strips" change their Opacity Value as the Merge with the other Layers.

I want to Preserve the Appperance the Image have before the Layers are Merged.

I've tired switching Blend Modes but wihtout Success.

I've also tried to without seperating the Image into "Strips" in Layers, using the Gradient to cause a Fade, however it ends up fading all of the Image to some degree (and not just the 3/4), additionally I can't control the exact Opacity Value of the Fade.

So, do anyone know how to solve this or am I just missing the Solution infront of me?

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Its all to do with the order you merge the layers. The simplist way is if what you see on the screen is how you want to save it just go FILE>SAVE AS make sure you choose .png format and you will be asked if you wish to flatten layers, select yes and the layers will be flattened in the correct order to retain transparency.

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Like minners said, it is all about the order in which you merge layers.

When you change the layer opacity, you are adjusting the range of transparency of the layer's pixels. For example, on a layer with 50% opacity, the 100% pixels are shown at 50%, 50% pixels at 25%, etc.

When you merge two layers, then, you are basically placing the top layer within the adjusted range of the one underneath.

If you have some layers you wish to merge that don't have any layer blend modes, but all have different transparency settings, add a new layer underneath all of them and merge them with the new layer, starting from the bottom layer. That way, all of them are being merged with a full transparency layer, and the transparency stays the same.

Confused yet? xD

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I generally merge the second-to-lowest layer into the lowest layer. Repeat for all layers you wish to merge.

If you want to flatten try Ctrl + Shift + F ( Image | Flatten)

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