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Hi all. This is my first plugin. If you know me at all, I make a lot of abstract art. I also use the Blend Mode Negation a lot, and wanted to build a shortcut to the process of duplicating and negating layers repeatedly. While working on my intended use for the plugin (will probably end up coming in a separate plugin), I decided to mess around with a few extra variables, and built the plugin as a coloring tool.

What this tool basically does is the equivalent of taking a selection, adding it to another layer, setting the layer mode to "Negation", and flattening it down.


Repetitions: The amount of times to do a negation. 2 for example is equivalent to duplicating the layer, setting it to negation, and flattening it twice. It only goes up to 8 because apparently on the ninth time it'll revert to the original picture.

Negate Red/Green/Blue: These are the color channels that are negated. Default is all three. Unselecting one seems to have a Color Zoom Blur-like effect on that channel (without the Zoom Blur)

Red/Green/Blue Amount: Adjusts the modulus of that specific channel during the negation process. In non-technical terms, it has a customizable color zoom blur-like effect. Seems to have less jagged edges near the centerpoint (510).

Don't understand any of the above? Here's what some different effects do to a seed image:


Seed Image (dented black-white gradient, nothing special)


Self-Negation with Repetitions: 1


Self-Negation with Repetitions: 3


Self-Negation with Repetitions 2 and unchecked "Negate Blue"


Same as above, but pulled Red Amount up to 600.


Same as above, but pulled Green Amount down to 435.

Actual Plugin


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That's a serious compliment coming from you :)

Anyway, after messing around with it some more, I came up with a cooler version.


First of all, I got rid of the checkboxes for "negate red/green/blue". Instead, there are sliders for those colors.

Red/Green/Bue Negation: This alters the amount a channel is negated. 1 is default, while 0 is equivalent to unchecking the Negate checkbox in the previous version. Higher values seem to decrease the tolerance for a color to shift.

Link Amounts: This will make the green/blue amounts equal to the red amount.

Link Negations: This will make the green/blue negations equal to the red negation.

Have no idea what any of that means? Me neither, really. Here's some more changes to the original seed image:


Seed image, with Repetitions set to 1, Red Negation set to 0, Green Negation set to 3, and Blue Negation set to 2.


Same as above, but pulled Green Amount up to 705.


Pulled all amounts up to 705 via the checkbox.


Seed image, with Repetitions set to 2 and all Negation levels set to 2 (via checkbox)


Same as above, but pulled Red Amount up to 735.


Same as above, but also pulled Blue Amount up to 570.

Actual Plugin (v1.1)

There's some awesome stuff you can do with the improved version...


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@Xhin: please don't post multiple versions of you plugin - it's confusing to everyone. Instead just post one version (the most up to date) in the first post in this thread. Thanks.

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I've placed the second ZIP file you posted into the first post for you. This keeps things tidy :)

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