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Magic wand dosent work

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Hi FSXpainter - welcome to the forum!

The Blue color indicates an active selection. If your whole image is being selected, you have the Tolerance setting too high, or are selecting an entire (possibly blank) layer.

First make sure you're working on the correct layer. It will be highlighted in the Layers window.

Next, with the magic wand active, look in the Tool Bar for the Tolerance slider. It's a horizontal bar with a % value written in it. Wind the Tolerance value down to 20% and see how much that selects.

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Hi Ego Eram Reputo,

My question is similar, and I didn't want to start a new thread.

Is there anything like a selection tool which works like PS? The different between magic wand and selection tool is, selection tool actually traces the image while magic wand selects all areas with same color (depending on the tolerance).

I was never able to easily trace and select or crop an object unless I played with tolerance many many times and a few undos later I can finally select the section.

When you set the tolerance too low you have to do many selections, when you select it too high it selects too much.

Is there anyway to set the magic want to select everything in the area and anything in between.

For example when selecting the face, if the face is a shade it will select half of the face, then the other half, leaving eyes and mouth and bunch of spots in between un-selected. Is there a way to just select it all? Any tips?

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Try selecting the area surrounding the coin (click with the Magic Wand on the coin layer, but not on the coin itself). Then invert the selection with Ctrl + I.

The Tolerance slider is in the Tool Bar when the Magic Wand tool is active.

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The blue area indicates the selection region. Press the Esc key or Ctrl + D to remove (deselect) it.

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I've found the magic wand tool  terribly inaccurate.

Is there an improved version or a plugin that can help out?


Its honestly the only complaint I've ever had about Paint.NET. I love the program above all other graphic applications and have built

entire sites with its help.


Typically, I'll use an Adobe application when I need to outline an object to procure it from the surrounding image, but I'm not willing to put in the hours

to develop my skills on that program. Paint.NET was my first and I tend to stay loyal.


thanks in advance.

I've got a new invention. It's a revolving bowl for tired goldfish.
-Lefty Gomez-

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This question comes up quite often. I've found that creating a few additional layers and adjusting the color saturation & contrast will allow you to get a more defined area for the magic wand to work with in a minute or two. hopefully it helps!



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