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How can a simple black border be placed around the edge of a canvas?

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Here is my problem:

I have some small rectangular drawing of different sizes (about 3" x 4" or 5" at 200 pixels/inch).

I want to place a simple solid black line border around the edge of the canvas.

These drawings have a white background.

I do not want white showing past the outside edge of the border.

I want the border to show with an even smooth width on all four edges of the drawing.

I want to specify the color and the width of this border.

Here is what I have unsuccessfully tried:

Using the Rectangle or the Line tool on a layer assigned for the border is a hit and mostly miss proposition.

For the Rectangle tool, once the rectangle is placed on this layer, I do not know how the adjust this rectangle. I erase the rectangle and try again. Sometime what I see is okay, but most of the time what I see is irregular and poorly positioned.

For the Line tool the lines drawn often show as a stepped line, not a single width line. I do not know how to not have these steps occur, and I of course do not want curved lines.

Can you instruct me about how I can create a simple solid black line border around the edge of the canvas?

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Dear BoltBait,

What can I say except thank you, thank you, thank you. I also said thanks with a $5 contribution for your Plugin Pack.

I did use your Effects > Selection > Outline Selection with my cartoons. This tool is great! It worked perfectly.

Your instructions were also perfect.

Thanks again, WH

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