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I should come back here

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The community here was freaking unbelievable when I first joined the website...

I'm thinking about rejoining and learning new stuff, because everything I learned so far was useful almost everyday of my computer life.

Thanks a lot, all of you for being so awesome... and I hope I'll see you around shortly!

Edit: WOOT


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Yeah why not :) Join in some comps and sig battles while your around. I love this place :)

Yea... I came here about once a month and lost interest... but now I'm ready to start fresh! :D

I had some problems with my english back then, I also had some problems with other users (Sorry DarkShock) because of my immaturity. I also learned 3D rendering in Cinema 4D while not here, so I may combine C4D and P.N to get an awesome result! :D

Also, Hi and nice to meet you!

Fun fact: Been a member for 4 years, and I was only 11 back then...


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Always nice to see people admit to any short comings ...

I remember the name and the sig but not the problems. Welcome back

You probably remember the name because of my brief comebacks over time, just posting here and there. The actual dispute between me and DarkShock was very long ago.

Also, your name rings me a bell too...

Thanks for the great reply! :D


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Hello there! Welcome back!

Thanks mate!

Yeah, welcome back. I remember your name, too. I hope you decided to stay here full-time. :)

Where did you see me last? I think I remember your name too... I just cannot figure out where and when I saw it :)


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Just a guess on my part, but the first place that comes to my mind is it may have beein in the frozen foods department.

Just clowing around, no offense to either of you intended. I just couldn't let that escape. :smile:


...and though I don't recognize the name, the only other thing I can offer is "Welcome"!

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Welcome back :) Nice new image - lots of movement.

Yep!! Thanks a lot!

Welcome back. (I believe you left before I joined, but I know you from previous posts and such.)

It's fun to see I'm kind of a "senior" here! :smile:

It's a pleasure to come back amongst the best of the best!

Probably going to mess around with my Profile Picture since it's not as good as I want it to be... On the other hand, the sig just looks as good as I want :)


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