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Drop Shadow: Add New Layer, or Duplicate Layer, or Something Else?

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Hello everyone.

May I please request some assistance with the drop shadow plug-in?

I know how to create drop shadow effects without the plug-in, but I'm trying to use the plug-in and am having no success.

If I tell you what steps I'm taking, can you please tell me what I'm missing?

1. I open Paint.net 3.5.10 and click the NEW button, then click OK in the New dialog box.

2. I create some plain text. I am using Arial 26 font and solid black color. The Layers window has one layer named Background.

3. I open up the Drop Shadow plug-in and just mess around with it, but nothing happens.

I have a feeling I'm missing a step in between steps 2 and 3. Do I need to duplicate the layer, or add a new layer? If I do, what do I have to do once the second layer is created?

Something tells me whatever I'm missing is so simple, I'll probably feel like an idiot when the solution is given to me. But what else must I do? Thank you!


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