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Scrolling using arrow keys

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Is there a way to scroll using arrow keys (or any other keys) because it drives me crazy when Im zoomed in to a picture to edit some small detail and i go to use the arow keys to scroll to another spot and I end up moving my mouse across the screen. It is also tiresome that i have to keep going over to the scroll bar to get to see a different part of my image.

Please tell me if you know of any way.

Thanks a bunch :)

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You want to pan the zoomed image without losing the current pointer location?

I'm not sure if this is what you want: Any tool can be used to pan the image (except Text tool). Hold down the spacebar + Click and drag.

Another option is to hit the H key (for Pan) then the arrow keys might work (I'm not able to try this as I type it). With Pan active, you can scroll with the mouse wheel. Try it with the Shift key to change the direction.

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