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Un-erasing part of a layer - is it possible?

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In Photoshop you can erase part of an image with the color white with the paint brush and bring it back with the black brush. Can you do this in PAINT.NET? I used the erase tool to remove part of an image but then wanted to bring the edges back, but with precision detail, however i don't see a way to un-erase the edges like you can in photoshop. Example I have one shot of a sky and one shot of the mountains. I layer the two images and I erase the sky in the mountain image so the sky image in the layer below comes through. However, the divide between the mountain photo and the sky photo has jagged edges and I want to paint part of the image back in with precision along the rough mountain edges. Is this possible? Thanks.

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You can perform "soft" erasing using the Eraser with a low alpha setting (like less than 5, zero doesn't work).

As the Eraser only affects the Alpha setting, the original color information is not lost during the process. Getting it back takes a little more effort. I think this plugin might do it...,

Tweak Transparency

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The Eraser takes the alpha (Transparency) value of the Primary color.

You can set this value by clicking the More button in the Colors Window then using the control in the lower right of the expanded window.

Lower the value down to about 3 then increase the Eraser size to around 20px (via the Tool Bar). Erase by holding down the left mouse button and moving the mouse in circular overlapping paths - much like rubbing condensation off a misted window you wish to look through.

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