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Saved a couple of PDN files in TIF format. Microsoft Document Imaging says it can't open "this type of TIF file." Strange. In the past, saving PDNs to TIF did not give Microsoft Document Imaging any heartburn whatsoever. What's changed? By the way these are rather large files, 7 MB and 9MB.

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What's changed?

Did you just recently upgrade (manually) to the latest version of Paint.net (3.5.10)?

This link indicates what changes occured in past revisions:


Otherwise, if you've been using 3.5.10 all along, then it can't see how it can be Paint.net as updates are not automatic.

As a side note, I just re-saved a file as tif and I had no problems. As a suggestion, maybe run sfc to see if system files (that may effect the viewer) are still intact.

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Actually the message that Microsoft Document Imaging gives me is "does not support this type of TIF file."

I ran that SFC thing as you recommended. It was unable to repair some Windows "notification .wav" files, but everything else was OK. I'm assuming that the .wav files are not pertinent to my problem?

I did manually update to the latest version of Paint.net but don't recall exactly when. My suspicions at the moment point to large TIF files created in the latest version of Paint.net.

Perhaps I'll revert to the previous version and try again. Will let you know the results. Thanks for giving me your thoughts on this issue.

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Opened the original TIF file in Microsoft Document Imaging today. No problem. File opened just fine.

Then opened the TIF file in Paint.net. Added a layer and made several additions. Saved the file in PDN format. Then saved it as a TIF.

Tried to open the new TIF in MDI. No good. Message pops up stating that the TIF file type is not supported.

I'm flummoxed.

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Did some more experimenting.

Opened the original TIF file in MDI. All was well.

Opened the original TIF file in Paint.net. Made absolutely no changes whatsoever to the file. Hit SAVE from within Paint.net.

Then tried to open the "new" saved file in MDI. No good. "TIFF file type not supported."

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TIFF is kind of the red-headed step child of image formats. There's honestly no compelling reason to use it except for multi-page faxes, and Paint.NET only supports it in a "good faith effort" kind of way.

If you can switch to PNG, your life will be much easier.

The Paint.NET Blog: https://blog.getpaint.net/

Donations are always appreciated! https://www.getpaint.net/donate.html


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According to the documentation at http://office.micros...P006219360.aspx MDI only supports files with 24-bit color or less, and Paint.NET saves 32-bit TIFF files.

You could use somthing like XNView to remove the alpha channel which should allow MDI to be able to load the files. :)


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Mr. Brewster.

I would gladly work with PNG format only; however, the folks at work would not be able to view the files that I create in that format due to the limitations inherent in the corporate software available to them.

Mr. Null54,

I looked into the 24 bit versus 32 bit issue you pointed out and came up with the following:

MDI WILL open this TIFF:

Dimensions 1600 x 1038

Width 1600 pixels

Height 1038 pixels

Horizontal resolution 120 dpi

Vertical resolution 120 dpi

Bit depth 32

Compression LZW

Resolution unit 2

MDI will NOT open this file:

Dimensions 18409 x 12000

Width 18409 pixels

Height 12000 pixels

Horizontal resolution 400 dpi

Vertical resolution 400 dpi

Bit depth 32

Compression LZW

Resolution unit 2

Are there any clues in these file properties?

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With more experimenting I've found that by reducing the pixels per inch and/or the print size using Paint.net's image resize dialog box and then saving the file in TIFF format it will open in MDI. Have not pinned down the exact limits on these parameters that seem to make MDI choke and gag, but I now have a good workaround for the problem. Those of you are who are more savvy about these things might understand what is going on, but I sure don't. Thanks to those of you who chimed in on this matter.

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